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DCI Cares Benefits

A DCI Cares Team is a group of individuals meeting in your Branch/Area/Department that help raise the spiritual temperature within the Branch/Department, helps meet needs within their Team, and actively promotes the awareness and involvement in all of the employee benefits. No requirements to participate, care and coverage always provided.

For more information, contact Jim Meeks, Program Director, DCI Cares, at 901.302.4003,

DCI is delighted to offer Marketplace Chaplains throughout the organization because all of us can benefit from having a friendship with someone who can be trusted, and whom we can share our struggles with and help us navigate life from a Christ-centered perspective.

Call 1-901-302-4003 – Jim Meeks, Program Director, DCI Cares ( for more information with any questions, or if you need to get in contact with your Chaplain right away.   

A free event for you and your spouse, fiance’, or significant other to enjoy a weekend together to learn about what it takes for couples to have a strong and vibrant relationship that lasts a lifetime. Choose your location within 7-8 hours of your Branch at

Email Hannah Knight to register for the event and more details

This is a great resource to help you gain valuable financial wisdom and insight in order to be in complete control of your finances each and every week so that you can achieve all of your financial goals.  There are two ways to access the course.  One is by going to, entering your zip code and then choosing a location to join.  Once you pay for it just submit the invoice through your normal way of getting your expenses reimbursed.   The second way to access the course is by getting a RightNow Media account (if you need one email Hannah Knight or Jim Meeks), and searching under Dave Ramsey at, for a five-part series called, “Life. Money Legacy.”  For additional information, please call or email Jim Meeks, Program Director, DCI Cares at 901.302.4003,, or Hannah Knight at 901.271.5682,

For more info visit or call Financial Peace at 1.888.227.3223

Everyone needs a break from the hectic pace of work from time to time, and, I would venture to say that many of us probably don’t know a lot about our co-worker’s, their families, and their interests outside of work.  Since everyone enjoys a good time over a delicious meal what better way to allow us all to work on both of those needs---to take some time away from work and enjoy a great meal with one another’s families?  The DCI Cares Teams are asked to plan two social events per year—one in the summer and one in the winter--to help bridge this gap between the two worlds of ‘work life and home life’ and, to help us all build a strong bond of community and friendship through the process.

Co.Tribute is a giving platform DCI Cares uses to encourage all employees to donate time and money to charitable and ministry organizations in their local area. DCI empowers you with $25 each month, that does not come out of your paycheck, to give to the approved organization of your choice.  Also, you are incentivized both to give personally and by volunteering your time to support local organizations.  This is an amazing opportunity for all of us to give back to the causes that mean the most to us individually and that we believe are making a genuine difference locally, and possibly, throughout the world.

Email Hannah Knight, to request an account or to request for a Ministry to be added.

Diversified Conveyors Employees have an established Benevolence Fund. The purpose of the Employee Benevolence Fund is to aid fellow employees in cases of emergency and times of tragedy (disaster, disease, massive medical needs; uncontrollable situations). The funds are not intended for nonessential items such as, but not limited to: late rent, monthly car note, cable/internet bill assistance, etc. This fund should not be considered insurance, workman’s compensation, or a savings plan. The funds would be disbursed as determined by the Fund Administrators on an as needed basis. If your employment with DCI is terminated, all contributions will remain in the fund.

Employees can sign up for a contribution of their choosing with a minimum of one dollar ($1) into the fund per paycheck. (i.e. $1 per pay check; $26 dollars a year) Anyone who contributes is not automatically guaranteed a distribution. If you choose not to participate, you will not automatically be disqualified from receiving funds.

For more information, contact

Sometimes life can simply be overwhelming.  Having a trained, Christ-centered professional to speak with about all of life’s ups and downs can be a major turning point for some.  All of us need counseling and professional guidance from time to time—whether it is due to marital stress, addiction, depression, anxiety, financial troubles, etc. Being able to understand and deal with whatever it is that has us “stuck in a rut” can be life changing.  Your privacy and anonymity are fully protected.

For more information, contact Jim Meeks, Program Director, Barnhart Cares: 901.302.4003

Mark Loden has been helping people learn the important task of budgeting their money for almost 30 years, but most importantly, he gives you a proven system that works no matter how much money you make annually.  The initial eight sessions of Mark’s Budgeting system, whether you meet by phone or through a zoom or google meeting, are provided to you for free.

For more information, contact Mark Loden at 901.624.0052,

An Alpha class is a ‘safe space’ to ask questions about life, the Christian faith, and much more.  Alpha classes encourage anyone over 18 to attend and for everyone, regardless of their viewpoint, be offered a safe environment to express how they feel and what they think about each week’s topic.

If you are interested in starting one please ask a DCI Cares Team member, or call Jim Meeks, Program Director, at 901.302.4003,  Or, visit

RightNow Media @Work is like the Netflix of solid, Christian video! RightNow Media is a free resource you and all who live in your immediate household can use on all of your devices to access over 15,000 different God-centered resources. Also, RightNow Media has an excellent video on almost every subject imaginable, from marriage to money to leadership, and, one for almost every age-range.

To obtain an account, please text, “DCI to 49775” then click the registration link to set-up your account. or paste this link in your browser (

For more info contact Jim Meeks, Program Director, DCI Cares, at 901-302-4003,

This outstanding benefit is meant to help off-set the cost of Trade School or College, and can be used at any accredited trade school or 4 year college or university for those DCI employees with student’s who have completed one year of pursuing continuing education/training after High School.  To be eligible, DCI employees must be full-time and must have completed at least 90-days of continuous employment. There are $1,000 scholarships available for all who apply; two $2,500 scholarships and two $5,000 scholarships are available but require an essay and a vote by a third-party committee. The deadline for applications is June 18th, 2021.

For more information, contact Jim Meeks, DCI Cares Program Director, at 901.302.4003 or

Ready to Wed is a DVD series meant to help prepare engaged couples for a strong, solid marriage together that is built on biblical principles and wisdom.  This tool will be a powerful, yet simple study to help all marriages get off on the right foot spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally in order to thrive in the years to come!  In some areas, a mentor-couple can be assigned to help assist and support the newly married couple in the first few years of married life.  Digging through this curriculum as a couple will help eliminate many of the surprises in a relationship that often can create tension, such as how will the two of you handle money?  How will you handle conflict?  Will you plan to have children and if so, how will you raise them and discipline them?

For more information call or email Jim Meeks, Program Director, DCI Cares, at 1-901-302-4003, Or, go to

JH Outback is a non-profit ministry that was founded as JH Ranch in California nearly 40 years ago.  The JH Outback Adventures Program is designed to get family members away from the distractions of everyday life and into the "outback" (or undistracted environment) to focus on the relationships in life that matter the most: 1) their relationship with God, and 2) their relationship with their family. The following family combinations are eligible to attend: Husband and Wife, and Parent and Child (including Father/Son, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, and Mother/Daughter) relationships, and there is a separate college age event.  Children must have reached their 13th birthday in order to attend. Over the course of a 48-hour weekend (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon), you will be able to invest invaluable one-on-one time with a family member.  To register, visit , and register for the appropriate event. When you get to the payment section, enter “BillDCICares”. Spouses of DCI employees may attend with their child for free as well. Also, many of the locations allow for engaged couples to attend as well.

If you have any questions, call Jim Meeks, Program Director, DCI Cares, at 901.302.4003,

The DCI Community Care Program exists to help support local Christian and charitable organizations that help the underserved in our local communities.  DCI employees and their families are strongly encouraged to find and support various organizations of their own choosing to support with their time, resources, and money.

For more information about the Grant process or for a Grant application, please reach out to the DCI Team within your Branch.

Every couple on the planet knows that having a great relationship with someone of the opposite sex takes work, patience, and a lot of time and even the best relationships experience strife and conflict from time to time. Unfortunately, instead of working through the issue(s) some relationships can end up in a bad spot, where two people may seem to just be surviving together instead of thriving with one another. No matter what the situation, when marital conflict reaches crisis mode and one party is considering ending the relationship, both parties need to know there is always hope available for healing the wounds and for a New Beginning. Step one is to call Cheryl Beasley, at Hope Restored at 1-417-335-5882, and tell her you are a DCI employee.

The struggle with pornography is a universal struggle and its cancerous effects can easily consume and destroy anyone of any age, background or education.  Pornography, it’s not just a word or a simple problem that fixes itself over time.  The temptation for those in this battle, and it is a real battle, is something they face every moment of every day.  With each passing day, more and more tempting and lustful images of every kind are constantly flashing before our eyes in relentless fashion.  The struggle is real, and the shame and guilt felt by the porn addict after ‘acting-out’ behavior is done is even more real.  Honest pornography addicts will tell you that their ‘drug of choice’ is every bit as addictive and destructive as heroin or meth.  Also, the desensitization of the brain from exposure to unhealthy images is incalculable.  However, there is hope and healing that can be found, giving freedom from this addiction that not only destroys individuals, but also tears families apart.  The Freedom Fight is a FREE resource to help those battling this addiction to get the help they need right away.

To learn more, go to  And, just so you know your privacy is a priority, the information obtained by The Freedom Fight is strictly confidential and cannot (by HIPPA law) be shared with anyone—inside or outside of their organization.